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  Who is Jamie Dee?


Jamie is a transformational relationship coach, international speaker, and author who is dedicated to helping others express their authentic selves by learning to reclaim their passion, love unconditionally, and live a life of appreciation and gratitude.  

Helping couples learn how to communicate in an open, vulnerable, and compassionate way is one of the things that brings her immense joy and satisfaction.

Jamie Dee Schiffer

After years of studying Heart-Centered Metaphysics and becoming a certified Peace Ambassador with the Rasur Foundation, the Institute of Hearth-Math, and Center for Non-Violent Communication, she now brings her heart focus to the mission of helping others have the greatest love relationship of their lives, the one with themselves.

Learning to live authentically, from your heart, helps you to infuse your entire life with love and passion for EVERYTHING!  


Jamie is co-author of

"Fearless Voices:  True Stories by Courageous Women", "Harmonic Voices:  Women on the Path to Peace" and

"Tender Voices: True Stories by Women on a Journey of Love".  

Jamie is also completing 2 new books, "Flat-lined Marriage" and "A Graceful Divorce" which is based on the workshops and counseling work that she has done to help people release the pain and move forward in their lives with grace and dignity.


Testimonials ~

"We thought that we really knew each other, but neither of us realized how much we were hiding from each other.  Now we know how to REALLY listen to each other and communicate in an unconditionally loving way  No more hiding, from each other, or from ourselves!  We can't thank you enough for the gifts you've given us!"

"I now know what it's like to live without fear and stop always waiting for 'some day' to start my life.  I may not be where I want to be YET, but I'm enjoying every step on my journey instead of holding back. Thank you Jamie!"


Jamie Dee Schiffer is blessed to be a mom to her most amazing son, Logan who challenges her to live deeply, always connecting with love and compassion. She is a fiercely loyal and annoyingly positive friend, daughter, sister, confidant and partner in crime (relatively speaking).

♥ I have a passionate love affair with food, wine and music ♥
I love to travel, to experience the sights, the sounds, the flavours of foreign lands and immerse myself in their culture.
I love to talk to and connect with... everyone... about everything...

people fascinate me, motivate me, inspire me.

It's wonderful to be surrounded by like-minded people,

but there's much learning to be done by truly listening to everyone.

Always remember that basic human needs are never in opposition, and when we can open our hearts and understand others from that heart-space, our world is filled with peace, love, and harmony.

Dual MA/PhD program in Psychology ~      

        ~ The Fielding Institute

~ Author, Speaker, Guest lecturer, International Workshop Leader

~ Certified Pre-Marital Counselor & Marriage Enrichment Coach ~

teaching you the skills you need to understand the truth of who you are 

and then communicate your needs, wants, and desires.

~ A Heart-Centered Metaphysician & Holistic Practitioner
~ Peace Ambassador with the Rasur International Foundation
~ Certified BePeace Facilitator, The Institute of HeartMath
    and the Centers for Non-Violent Communication

~ Heal My Voice Foundation, Board member


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