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The Graceful Divorce

Are you tired of the constant battle...  The harsh words... the pain... 

the frustration... the damage you feel to your own soul and

fear of what is happening to your children?

Let Jamie gently guide you through the process

   of coming to terms with the emotional impact of a divorce.  

      Whether this was your choice or not,

         there are always residual feelings to deal with

            and a way of communicating with your ex

               in a manner that maintains your dignity.  

Especially when children are involved,

there is a greater need to learn productive and respectful communication skills.


Jamie offers private sessions

that provide you a safe harbour

in which to express all of your emotions

without judgment or retribution

and then teaches you the skills you need

to move forward and lead a more balanced and healthy life.



Take control and learn how to reclaim your passion for life...

Coaching packages are custom designed to help you achieve both

       short-term and longer-term goals.

6 Month coaching package includes 26 sessions ~ $3000

3 Month coaching package includes 12 sessions ~ $1500

1 Month coaching package includes 4 sessions ~ $500


         One on one virtual coaching sessions can be done on an hourly basis ~ $150/hour               


For more information, or to schedule your session...

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