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Virtual Sessions

I will be only offering
Virtual Sessions
for the foreseeable future.
Limited Times are Available!
Session rate is $150/hour
*Packages are still available for discounted rates

     Are you tired of living a life half expressed?

Are you feeling like there has to be more than "this"?

Are you in a relationship that leaves you feeling unseen, unheard, and undervalued?

Have you avoided relationships

because you're afraid of being truly seen?

Changing directions in life is not tragic.

Losing passion in life is.

~ Max Lucado


Discover what lights you up and fuels your fire...

Learn how to connect to your heart & speak your truth...

Learn the skills you need

to lay a foundation for a lifetime of happiness

that is full of passion for all that you do.

It's not about not feeling fear...

It's about feeling it

and pushing through to the other side

where your life is full of passion


~ Jamie Dee






Jamie D Schiffer

is recognized as a

TOP  Relationship Counseling & Coaching Expert

and is featured on the

TOP Doctors Interviews

which are seen on

Oprah Winfrey Network,

CNN Headline News, MSNBC, BRAVO, and other networks.


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